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“Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a truly AMAZING one-man show. I was bowled over by the way Bob Brader is able to blend a dark, agonizing family history with laugh-out-loud comedy. Bob Brader is the next Spalding Gray; I kid you not!”

- Michelle Stevens, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of Post-Traumatic Success, Author of Scared Selfless


★★★★★ “Brader is a brilliant storyteller/performer. Oh the pictures he paints with his words. His energy, brutal honesty, voice(s) – all astound.  Eighty minutes of brilliance!

- Donald D'Haene, Donald’s Dish, London


★★★★“A must see performance that will make you laugh, cry and just feel good!”

- Joe Belanger, London Free Press


★★★★ “Unforgettable!”

- Carolin Vesely, Winnipeg Free Press


★★★★/4 “Down to earth masterful storytelling!”

- Mark Killeen, The Beat Arts in London (4/4 stars)


★★★★★ “Brader keeps the audience mesmerized with his dark comic relief!”

- Emily Wessel, UPTOWN Magazine, Winnipeg


“Absolutely enthralling, it’s Brader’s performance that makes this show so brilliant.  The show is a triumph. And I never say shit like that."

- Jason Schreurs, Culture Vulture Victoria


"Brader is a wonderful storyteller!"

- Kate Watson, The Coast


"Brader's high energy performance and gripping story will wow you.  SEE IT!"

- Jessica Goldman, APPLAUSE! METER, Calgary


“Bob Brader keeps the audience at their knees with an engaging knack for storytelling adorned with smart humor and a shattering kind of sadness that will linger in the mind.”

- Naneh Israelyan,


"A masterful childhood memoir that can take a hairpin turn from joyful to chilling without missing a beat!"

- Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia


“Brader’s confident, candid storytelling manner and his vivid, earnest writing keep us compelled throughout...a gripping, elegantly conceived event."

- Martin Denton,


"In Brader's talented, sensitive, caring hands Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is as compelling and engrossing as it is devastating and unforgettable....genius…I cannot recommend this show too highly.”

- Louis Hobson, XL 103FM and the Calgary Sun



★★★★★ Critics' Choice

"Smoker is Smooth and Satisfying!”

- All About Solo


“A more endearing and genuine performer than Bob Brader would be hard to find indeed. Don't miss this unique, highly entertaining, first-class show!”



“Eloquent and entertaining!”

- TheatreScene


★★★★1/2 “Bob Brader is a dynamic storyteller with a wonderful, strong voice and a talent for creating visuals and characters...We're hooked!”

- Winnepeg Free Press


“Smoker is Addictive Theatre: It's 85 minutes of storytelling that feels like 30, a feat few actors have the talent to pull off....Smoker is compelling theatre, fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!”

- London Free Press


“A Seemingly Personal Story with Universal  Resonance: Brader’s signature mix of humor, autobiography and his fantastic gift for storytelling sets the bar high for Fringe theatrical experiences—go and take it in!"

- The London Yodeler


"Actor writer and storyteller Bob Brader applies the creative alchemy of artistic storytelling with demonstrated impact on audiences. Smoker which deals with the impact of his abusive father on his relationships with cigarettes/smoking, pivots with remarkable agility from the comedic to the tragic in his compelling, truthful portrayal of 24 characters…Smoker combines Brader’s lived experiences with brilliant use of narrative structure and acting that pulls the audience into moments of raw reality to powerful effect!"

- Jude Treder-Wolff, Medium



"Storytelling gold…don’t miss this alchemist of the anecdote!"

- Laurie Bursch, Theatre in London


★★★★★“A must-see show that had me laughing from the beginning!"

- Josef Vermeulen, The Charlesbois-Post


"Honest and funny...Brader delivers with an infectious mix of humor, horror and insight...a thoroughly enjoyable ride."

- Robert Attenweiler,


“Raw, honest...intense...tight writing and a delivery that positively radiates personality!"

- Bloody Underrated


"Brader has got a lot of talent: his delivery is snappy, his range of character voices diverse.”

- CBC Manitoba


"It’s Brader’s incredible talent for storytelling that makes this show a delight to watch. His performance is honest, his comedic timing is superb and his gift for narrative penetration into the emotional core of an idea is intoxicating to witness. A superb one man show.  One that

shouldn’t be missed. SEE IT!”

- Jessica Goldman, Applause! Meter



“Brader, especially, is so deft that early on I wasn't sure for a moment if this was really a two-hander or another actor had popped on stage...Brader shines as a reluctant amateur dominator...He's especially hilarious as a country star who just wants to be a dad.”

- Orlando Sentinel


“Bob Brader is a delight. His acting is flawless, and each character is utterly believable...This ‘Sexy daisy-chain of sexy sex’, has been selling out (for good reason) all across Canada this summer!”

- The Charlebois Post



“The cast is incredible...Gaby, an old friend of Anna's who has become a swinger and tries, with her smarmy husband (the hilarious Bob Brader)”

- Duncan Pflaster,



"There is, for example, a scene when a character known only as Rbiter--who is some sort of impenetrable Godfather--is shownbattering three separate adversaries via cell phone, all to the insistent beat of a Euro Pop soundtrack. It's not a song, not even a rap; and it's certainly not dialogue: it's like an aria of expletives, bursting with an unexpressed (perhaps even unfelt) passionate contempt. As performed by Bob Brader, it's spellbinding."

- Martin Denton,



“Standouts include Bob Brader, who is a slimy, nasty piece of work as Caesar."

- Martin Denton,


“The intentions of author, director, and performer were always moving the complicated plot along with startling clarity, with the best work coming from Tom Mazur as an Antony who knew exactly what he was doing, why he shouldn't be doing it, and doing it anyway and Bob Brader as a slimy, Napoleonic Caesar."

- Doug DeVita, Off Off Broadway Review



“Bob Brader actually made an amusing latter-day Molière, and was single-handedly responsible for keeping the show's pace up."

- Charles Battersby, Off Off Broadway Review

Copyright © 2023 Bob Brader. All rights reserved.

Bob Brader


Copyright © 2023 Bob Brader.

All rights reserved.

Bob Brader